By: Richard Starr


The Future of Google Play® Books – As Predicted

Over at The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder takes a closer look at the looming possibility that Google Play® Books may never re-open to publishers.

I think this is highly likely. In fact, I expressed this opinion in various forums more than five years ago during much of the chaos surrounding the Google book scanning court case.

Nate does an outstanding job of looking at the various factors surrounding what I personally believe will be the ultimate failure of Google Play® Books.  It's well-worth the read.

For the record, I believe Google will eventually decide to sell their majority stake in Google Play® Books while retaining partial ownership. Time will tell.

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By: Richard Starr


JK Konrath Forgets a Bit of Google Books History

LOGO-1-Google_NewOver on JA Konrath's blog, he takes a swipe at the Authors Guild for their lawsuit against Google over the company's plan to scan every book ever published.  He also makes fun of some other lawsuits filed by the Authors Guild, and admittedly, those sound pretty dumb.  But when it comes to Google Books, Konrath is giving the world's biggest search engine company a pass they don't really deserve.

Konrath has apparently forgotten that during the genesis of the Google book scanning controversy, Google made it clear that they intended to offer the scanned books for sale through the Google eBookstore.  This included books that were considered "out of print" at the time and for which they had no permission from the...

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