By: Richard Starr


Eread Technologies, Inc. and Stores Pacific, LLC – The Perfect Match

The past seven months have been very, very busy.  As a result, I haven't created any recent blog entries, and this one is longer than most.  However, it contains important information about the future of®.  We hope you’ll find it informative and even a bit exciting!

The State of the Online Book Industry

I haven’t had much to say about this subject, since the industry has tracked much as I predicted it would back in 2010.  Ebook-only stores have continued to fail, with and being two prime examples of this trend.  I should probably add that there is likely much...

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By: Richard Starr


JA Konrath Offers His Characters in the Kindle World Program

JA KonrathBestselling self-published author J.A. Konrath blogs about the new Kindle Worlds program that allows other writers to create all-new stories featuring his characters.  If the very nice looking covers showcased on his blog are any indication, the program looks to be off to a strong start.

Personally, I wouldn't really want other people playing in the worlds I create without some fairly stringent guidelines as to what can and cannot be done to my characters.  Perhaps that comes from my background in licensed intellectual property and seeing the level of concern that license holders generally have over how the public perceives their characters and the value of those properties as a whole.

That said, I applaud Konrath for allowing such freedom with his creations.  I hope it continues to be a positive...

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